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Arik Schor


A seasoned executive leader of industrial companies, Arik joined Tadbik after acting as CEO of Tnuva. Arik won in 2016 the MAI Prize by The Manufacturers Association of Israel for leading the Israeli industry. He holds a B.A degree in Computer Science and B.Sc in Civil Engineering, both from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Gili Drori

Corporate CEO, Co-Owner of Tadbik CLP, Flexible Packaging Division

The General Manager of the Tadbik Corporate and CEO of CLP Industries.  Before spearheading the Corporate, he acted as Managing Director of TAT – Tadbik Advanced Technologies also a  Tadbik subsidiary. He holds an MBA degree from Babson College, Boston.

Gabi Badusa

Corporate CFO

Gabi manages and plans the Corporate’s financial resources. Previously, Gabi acted as CFO positions at several companies from theFood and Technology industries. He holds degrees in Accounting and Economics as well as MBA, with specialization in finance, from Bar-Ilan University.

Tal Sitbon

CEO, Tadbik Systems & Tadbik RFID

A senior manager and engineer with diverse background from the hi-tech, pharmaceutical and machinery industries. Previously, Tal acted as Engineering Section Manager at Intel Electronics & Micron Technology and as Senior Director Production at Teva Pharmaceutical. He has a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Aryeh Silbert

CEO of Tadbik USA

A veteran  senior executive with vast experience of the food industry, both in top leadership positions and as a consultant. Formerly, he served as CEO of Sabra.

Amit Drory

CEO of T4Pex,
Labels Division

Amit demonstrates entrepreneurship in the management of T4Pex. His expertise includes Business Development with emphasis on productivity and creativity as well as identifying market trends. Formerly, he held various management positions in Tadbik. Amit holds a B.A.  in Business Administration and Finance degree from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Ruthy Drory Tamir

VP Human Resources

Ruthy determines and directs Tadbik’s staffing goals and strategies to support cross-organization production and business requirements. Formerly, she acted as Recruitment Manager at Consist Systems and served at the Prime Minister Office of Israel. Ruthy holds an MBA with specialization in Human Resources from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Ronen Leizarovich

VP Sales & Marketing

With 25 years of experience in business development, sales and marketing management, Ronen brings vast knowhow of the plastic industry. Formerly, he served as VP Sales at Gallis as well as in at Plasto Sac. He holds a B.A.  Business Management and Marketing degree from Ramat Gan College.

Avihu Yaish

Corporate Services Director

An experienced manager in the fields of Safety and Security, Avihu is also in charge of infrastructure and transportation across Tadbik. Formerly, he filled several Safety and Security Management roles in Coca Cola Israel, Amraz and Storenext. He completed Safety Studies and Security studies in Israel Police.

Sharon Zfoni

Adv., General Counsel

Sharon provides legal advice and representation to Tadbik, its component units and affiliated entities. In addition, he leads special cross-corporate projects, locally and globally.. Formerly, he served as an attorney at Herzog Fox Neeman law firm and at the Prime Minister Office of Israel. Sharon received an MBA degree from The University of Manchester, England, and LL.B. (Cum Laude),  from the The College of Management Academic Studies.

Amir Yadlin

Organizational Development

Amir is in charge of creating and guiding through transformation processes and organizational development across all management levels within Tadbik. Formerly, he served as Organizational Development in Tiful Netafim and VP HR at Kamada. He holds a BSW degree from Ben Gurion University and MBA at Organizational Development from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Adi Wertheimer

Marketing Communication Director

With 15 years of experience in the retail market, trade, sales and marketing management, Adi brings multi-interface business vision.
Formerly, she served as district manager in Victoria’s Secret and VP trade at Wertheimer Sport Group. Adi holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, specializing in management from the Open University of Israel.